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Through all ages, people were determined to surround themselves with comfortable things, both at home and at work. Comfortable work conditions and domestic environment is exactly what everybody needs. We guarantee to create the perfect work conditions for your workplace, safe infrastructure for your manufacture and comfortable rest and laboar, in satisfaction to the normal and the worldwide standard of the European architecture.

LMR production offers a range of ideas for a production of office and business centres, housing estates and interior design, night clubs and restaurants, landscape design and infrastructure, and the computer graphic specialists will prepare visual, animation, interactive, presentations for working with inverstors and consumers.

Services: Analyses and consultation of clients when choosing a work place, with regards to financial and ethical demands of the future project. Measurements of the workplace. Variation of floor plans. Sketching of interior design. 3D prototype development. Preparation of work documentation. Planning of destruction work. Planning of new walls. Floor planning. Ceiling planning. Furniture design. Wire schemes. Light planning. Air condition and ventilation planning. Design of decorations.