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In the current section you may be acquainted with the full range of services provided by our company in the sector of graphic design, starting with the development of the overall nature of the company, creation of various prototypes, pre-printing preparation and media planning of an advertisement companies.

The main purpose of graphic design is to sufficiently and easily deliver information to the customer and most importantly attract his attention. There are many graphically-composing and technical methods to do this. But only a rational and well matched way of using these methods would lead to a desirable result.

Highlighting the fact that the consumer becomes a part of the project team, actively participating in the development process, we presume that only a cooperation allows to create a right concept of development and promotion of a product or a brand. It helps to introduce your product to, not only domestic, but also international market and put your name on the map in very short terms. Info Consulting opens new doors for your business and guarantees a foreseen positive result.

Services: USP, Brand book, Art book, Design packaging, Graphic advertisement production, illustration of design signatures, pre-print preparation.