You have moved to section: Industrial design.

In this section you are presented with the projects of design manufacture, car manufacture, VIP interiors, POS materials, furniture, exposition stands, light advertising. Thanks to the design manufacture our artistic ideas gain a logical form and agronomical structure.

Company LMR production has full sector of services of step by step production. Every one of our projects complete every stage of manufacture: from the analysis of the current situation, sketching, modelling and visualisation to development of construction documentation and author supervision during the launch of the first prototype, with the following development of the technical documentation upon the launch into the market.

It is required to take into account that the formation of the final product happens during the stage of conception design. During this idealistic design, we put into each project innovative ideas, which is based on the technical base of both our consumers and our partners. Our enriched bank of our previous projects in this areas and constant monitoring of world trends allows us top get the right product. Our aim is to reach our goal using the resources that we have.

Services: Analyses of the project and technical situation, conceptional development, modelling, visualisation, creation of construction documentation, author overview.